New Project in sight.

Starting a new project in life which will cover talking in front of audience about how to understand the brain, aswell as youtube videos to cover the same topic. Gonna be a interesting project to start with and see if it could grow into a living so I don’t even have to leech society from welfare I am never getting, the laws in Sweden are apparenty do not apply to the goverment when they do utterly wrong.


Only sad thing would be to tax a goverment that never cared about me ever nor ever. Oh well though, this train is head right into wall soon. Every year it gets more and more apparent that the global collapse is growing closer and way worse than previously thought.

Mind Control

Mind Control is way much realer and true than anyone would dare to believe, and even how you even twist or turn it you are always being controlled by, something.. 🙂


Humans always look and strive for finding control and freedom, I don’t know what neither really is anymore.. From my point of view all is but a very perverted story made to make people so sick of this place that they might never return. Great System…

One thought experiment.

Do you dare to not explain to yourself what you are feeling, and live the emo-tional thing what you are. That does not have emotions, 😀 well I should not tell you that I am probably wrong.. I don’t know jack shit, but I went pretty deep into myself. Outside world is what it is, inside world is the same but what would you prefer?

How many can be honest with we don’t know.

I don’t really claim to know something you would not, but I have looked at the evidence and dare to say I don’t freaking know. The only thing I know is that what other people know is other peoples blind facts, isn’t this the pinnacle of living in a backwards society?

Worst thing is how people really think they have figured out everything by them self when they can just repeat other people’s facts as tarred down coughs..


We have been mindcontrolled and it sucks to admit for oneself, but yes yes, maybe we can figure it out in next life, or it all just goes black so we don’t need to have any responsibility for anything. That would be great! Huh?!


It is okay to be afraid, is it even YOUR fear is just some imaginary force pulled upon you?

Is your thoughts even YOUR thoughts ? What say’s it is not all coded into your DNA which makes us into the bio mechanical beings we kinda are. Even those words feels utterly stupid to me now but same time makes more sense than anything else. At least one could hope that it gives someone the insight to see inside, everyone could be whatever an enlightened being means, just those words are also utterly shitty elitistic way of seeing it.


But what the hell, pineal gland trippers have brought this world during the dark ages kinda to sad states, so who know’s maybe the world revolves around us all. In our own separate universes which bring fourth the vast multiverse… WHO KNOWS!??!

At least Jim Carrey got it..

You are the Universe, it is a mirror.

It is nothing but a mirror everything you see, holographic nature to remind what we truly are. It is quite a sick joke after all, and I suppose more or less healthy people see it for what it is.. Everyone will see, everyone will know.


Since it is the core of who we are, but noone you meet is really real nor do they live or die. It is all just a dream. A nightmare usually wake one up.

Reverse Engineered the whole human construct.

Noone would still beleive me with this one, but there is some nobodies in this world, thanks god for that..


Mr Joker knows what you are made up of and your deepest desires, you have not even looked. But is it accident, no no.. The show must go on, and it is what it is and here comes the fucking hellish power of acceptance. It is the only thing that lands flat on us, well the only ”good” thing is that everyone is gonna have to do it. Linear bullshit time plays so many tricks on the human mind it is easy to get fucking lost, so better stay in the clicheé present. Let’s have a mind experiment, if you look at a picture and then away for let’s say 3 seconds. When you look back on it, are you seeing the same picture?


Just imagine that with time, and ohh the nonsense is getting totally flippetifloppeti.


The White Rabbit wen’t down the hole don’t fucking follow it.. Go your own way.